Jana Bauer

Jana Bauer (1975) is a bestselling children's book author. Her writing combines witty, amusing characters with compelling stories. Her first work, Izginjevalec čarovnic (The Witch Vanisher)(Vodnikova založba, 2002) was nominated for the 2003 Večernica Award. Her greatest popularity came with Groznovilca v hudi hosti (Scary Fairy in Wicked Wood) (Sodobnost, 2011), which has so far been translated into 19 languages. It was nominated for both the Večernica and Desetnica Awards in 2013. The audiobook of the German translation, Die Kleine Gruselfee, was awarded the Auditorix Hőrbuchsiegel, Audiobook of the Month from the German Academy of Literature for Children and Young Readers, and the KIMI Seal for diversity in children's books. In 2020 she received the main prize of the Macedonian International Literary Festival (Another Story) and the Desetnica Award from the Slovene Writers' Association for her book Ding Dong Zgodbe (Ding Dong Stories) (Sodobnost, 2018). Her picture book Kako prestrašiti pošast (How to Frighten a Monster) (Sodobnost, 2020) was included in the 2020 White Ravens International catalogue. Her most recent picture book, Kako objeti ježa (How to Hug a Hedgehog) (Sodobnost, 2022) was nominated for the Desetnica and Večernica Awards and received the Kristina Brenkova Best Slovene Picture Book Award for 2022.

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