was born in New York City and raised in Newark, N.J. After moving to New York City in 1980, Dan started the “Video Games Player” magazine, which later became “Computer Games.” He has been published in Newsweek, Science Digest, Writer’s Digest, and USA Today, among others. In 1987, Dan began to write about sports, a topic he has been passionate about since childhood. IT AIN’T CHEATIN’ IF YOU DON’T GET CAUGHT was his first adult book on baseball. IN 1992, when his son was two years old, Dan began writing children’s sports nonfiction. His first novel, THEY CAME FROM CENTERFIELD, was published in 1994. Gutman enjoys visiting schools and using “sports to get the students excited about reading and writing.” He now lives in Haddonfield, N.Y. with his wife Nina and their children, Sam and Emma.

Watch Dan Gutman talk about MY WEIRD SCHOOL! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_onRvG6-W0

Click Here for a video on Dan Gutman's FLASHBACK FOUR:The Titanic Mission out this Spring with Harper Collins.

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