Lori Mortensen

Lori Mortensen grew up in a small family with her research chemist dad, her secretary/bookkeeper mom, and her sister, Jan. Once Lori learned to read, her nose was always in a book. Over the years, Lori has worked as a dancer, choreographer, substitute high school teacher, sign language interpreter, master canner, and a secretary/word processor for electrical engineers, accountants, hospitals, attorneys, and everything else. It wasn't until Lori was a stay-at-home mom that she rediscovered the wonder of children's literature and asked herself-what could she write? Today, Lori lives in the foothills of Northern California with her computer engineer husband, two sons, a daughter, and their mega fluffy cat, Max. He likes to sit where he doesn't belong--like Lori's desk-and works his way into many of her stories. www.lorimortensen.com

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